1 June 2017

By Martin Buckley

Democracy In Sports is at the heart of why The Alliance and The Alliance Council exist. Voting on Alliance issues and electing your fan representatives to the Alliance Council are the most visible ways you can be involved and let your voice be heard.

Today we made some changes in partnership with The Club to further support these goals. With immediate effect each Season Ticket will represent one vote.

If you have multiple season tickets – Alliance Memberships – then they will all be counted as an aggregate or weighted vote. If you nominate your season tickets – then the nominee can vote, using one of your votes. An aggregate or weighted vote is used once – so you can not use one vote for Candidate A and one vote for Candidate B – all of your votes are placed for the selected choice.

Let’s consider a group of friends – Zach, Chad, Cristian and Stef – and some real-world scenarios that you may be familiar with:

  • Zach has one season ticket.
    • Zach has one vote.
  • Zach has two season tickets – and the second season ticket is not allocated.
    • Zach has an an aggregate of two votes.
  • Zach has two season tickets. Zach has allocated one season ticket to Chad.
    • Zach has one vote. Chad has one vote.
  • Zach has four season tickets, one season ticket is allocated to Chad, the remaining two are not allocated.
    • Zach has an aggregate of three votes. Chad has one vote.
  • Zach has four season tickets, one season ticket each is allocated to Chad, Cristian and Stef.
    • Zach, Chad, Cristian and Stef all have one vote.

Note: Chad, Cristian and Stef must have email addresses set in order to vote. Make sure you do this.

In addition here is updated guidance on how to stand for Alliance Council and how to use your vote.

Please consider standing – we have a list of projects and programs we need help with. Also please vote! You make a difference – and your voice needs to be heard.