Meeting Minutes: March 2017



March 7, 2017 – 7:00 PM –  The NINETY

Present (13 of 16): Nicholaus Biela, Martin Buckley, Cameron Collins, Michael Dollard, Alex Eagleton, Bill Kaczaraba, Darla Langdon, Jeremy Monsivais, Karl Picard, Daniel Roe, Stephanie Steiner, Kristina Vaughn, and Steve Wilson.

Via telephone (0): None.

Absent (3): Nick Biesold, Eric Flatness, and Roberta King.

I Call to order – Martin Buckley

II Roll – Cameron Collins: 13 of 16 Present

III. Marketing – Kyle Sheldon, VP of Marketing and Megan West, Senior Director of Marketing & Digital

 A. 2017 Look & Feel

 – Updated schedule posters will be in the market early next week and installed on the north side of the stadium. Going for a back to basics look and focusing on Rave green.

– Updated pole banners in the stadium. Similar look and feel as above to create consistency across marketing.

– Digital and social graphics: Trying to serve the fan and provide as much info as possible. Hired a new graphic designer who has motion and GIF experience, and they will utilize those skills in the coming year to stay up with social media trends. They now have a team of 3.

–   No new theme, but they will be doing 2-3 week campaigns that will focus on celebrating the championship.

– They want to make assets specific per channel with consistency across platform

B. Innovation: Marketing

 Creating digital content that focuses on why people should be at the match (championship banner raising for first match, etc.)

– Trying to optimize content for the channel it is on (Facebook vs Twitter vs Snapchat etc. / Desktop vs mobile).  Investing more time in to video production in general.

 C. Collaboration: Season Ticket Members Box and Golden Ticket

 – They worked across different departments to implement the campaign. Golden Ticket was with marketing, ticketing, players, and more. They will continue this trend in the future.

D. Innovation/Collaboration: Matchday Experience

 The Sounders can continue to do a better job in how to maximize participation of the fan. They will be providing maps with info on Matchday including 1) March to the Match, 2) The NINETY, 3) Soccer Celebration, and 4) The Pro Shop.

– They will be putting signs throughout the Pioneer Square area that provide information on where an event is and when it happens. There are 4 going out: two at the March, one at The NINETY, and one in North Plaza.

– The Sounders have done a complete reset of most of the marketing in the stadium. LED displays and jumbo display have updated graphics and images. They made it look more modern and more like their current brand. Similar lines, look and feel, and colors to all of the marketing materials.

– They are trying to bring home the giant trophy that was on the field prior to the MLS Cup. They have made the request to the league. Because it is 20+ feet tall, it is a challenge to find a place in the stadium. They hope to do it, but it is a matter of logistics. Potentially on the South side of the stadium.

– Going back to a print edition program on match day. Deeper storytelling showcasing players. It will be a monthly edition rather than match specific. It will be available digitally online and in the app. There will still be roster cards like the player posters from the end of last season.

– There will again be bag lockers with a $10 fee per object

– The Marketing Department will publish the kit being worn for the next match prior to Matchday. Will be at least the day before.

  E. Question From Alliance Council Members

→ Non-English Speaking market and marketing question from Martin Buckley. Everything they do right now is in English. In Seattle, the average age of the Latino population is 24, and the individuals tend to be second generation. most of the research shows that the preference of those individuals is to consume in English. They view doing marketing in other languages as for an international market. They are hoping to create some more content with the Spanish speaking players, but they are not at that point yet

Questions on archiving audio and having a match broadcast audio podcast (like they used to) and making the post-game show available as a podcast from Cameron Collins, Karl  Picard, and Nick Biela. The team will looking in to these ideas and will see what they can do about them.

→ Question about how much of the current marketing flows down to S2 from Martin Buckley. Some of it flows down. Similar types of coverage but not as comprehensive. It is a challenge to create enough content FOR S2. Sounders Community Trust are making one of their focuses this year highlighting players and stories from the team.

 IV. Constitution & Bylaws

 A. Article 6, Section 6.1: Honorary Chairman (Second Reading) – Stephanie Steiner

→ We already have the powers that are laid out in this new suggested language, but it clarifies the processes involved going forward.

Vote on Article 6, as amended, passes unanimously 13-0.

 B. Article 4, Section 4.2: General Meeting (First Reading) – Stephanie Steiner

This proposed amendment to Article 4 of the Alliance Council Constitution would change the language on when the Annual Business Meeting is held, as the old language is restrictive and makes it difficult to secure locations and promote attendance. The new language makes sure it remains at or near the end of the season in order for the meeting to continue to serve the purpose of being a recap of the previous year. This does not, however, allow the meeting to be moved to the beginning of the next season, as that would remove the power of our voice.

→ The language was amended upon presentation to the Alliance Council to read that the meeting shall take places within 8 weeks of the conclusion of regular season play. The reference to “regular season play” means that even if the MLS were to change it’s schedule significantly, the Article will still be accurate without having to change any language in the Constitution.

C. Bylaw 7: Supporter Group Recognition (First Reading) – Martin Buckley

→ All of the Supporter Groups were brought together to come up with a plan. The 2 SG points of emphasis were: (i) they saw the Alliance Council as an Independent entity from the Club who could run the process of approval of new SGs; and (ii) the previously created criteria were valid.

→ The de-recognition portion of the previous Bylaw was removed. What is in its place is that de-recognition by the Alliance Council can only take place through non-activity of an SG. There are already mechanisms in place at the Club and MLS level to punish Support Groups who do not follow the rules, so any Alliance Council involvement in that process would be redundant.

→ Section 7.1 was added to the Bylaw so that the definition of active and inactive is clear, and the SGs will follow this process for showing that they are active at the beginning of each season.

V. Stars for All

 A. Letter Sent to MLS: We received no response from the MLS to our letter the Executive Committee sent to them.

B. Solutions: We have the short-term solution, which allows stars to be affixed to replica jerseys, but we need to know the long-term solution. We have gone to Twitter and other social media platforms to state that we still need a long-term solution. There is no time table for when we will be given that solution. The language of the short-term solution makes clear that this was only done for 2017, and we may have to fight this battle all over again for 2018 with out silver star (and hopefully another gold star). We will be following up with the MLS on the long-term solutions.

C. Thank Yous: The Council was very appreciative of the work that the Club did to make the short-term solution happen. The Council particularly wanted to praise Doug Orweiler for his constant dedication to the club and being willing to stand up and fight for the fans.

VI. Adjournment

Moved. Seconded. Council votes unanimously to adjourn.


Meeting Minutes: February 2017



February 7, 2017 – 6:30 PM –  The NINETY

Present (11 of 15): Nicholaus Biela, Martin Buckley, Cameron Collins, Michael Dollard, Alex Eagleton, Darla Langdon, Jeremy Monsivais, Daniel Roe, Stephanie Steiner, Kristina Vaughn, and Steve Wilson.

Via telephone (2): Roberta King and Karl Picard.

Absent (2): Bill Kaczaraba & Eric Flatness.

I. Call to order – Stephanie Steiner

II. Roll – Cameron Collins: 11 of 15 Present

III. RAVE Foundation

Ashley Fosberg. Executive Director of the RAVE Foundation came to the Alliance Council meeting and recapped RAVE’s programs. She told the Council that RAVE received $12,000 in December as they were glassybaby’s charity of the month. Relatively soon, The Sounders will even have their own glassybaby candle that they can sell in the Pro Shop.

IV. Concessions

Ashli Brown, Michael Johnson, and Dawn Wheeler from concessions came to the council to discuss the changes coming to concessions. The Alliance Council was able to try some of the food and met the new Executive Chef, who comes over to CenturyLink from Safeco Field. The Seahawks have decided that they don’t want a concessionaire and, as such, they will do it themselves. They have created First and Goal Hospitality.

→ 2017 Concessions Goals

– Food quality and selection. Focus on local.
– More food and beverage combos.
– Beer matrix and strategically placing brands where the fans want it.

– Vending. Food and beverage items that fans want.

→ Executive Chef Michael Johnson
The key to his move from Safeco Field was the promise that the concessions would have a focus on sustainable and local. In the last 8 months, they have tripled the amount of local businesses with whom they do business.

– Sustainability: Compost from the stadium will go to Cedar Grove Compost and then will be used on a farm in Redmond. They will grow all the vegetables for the stadium. They will also have bees and will produce honey. If they have too much food in this process, the plan is to donate the excess to local food banks. The crops are being planted in the next 10-15 days.

→ 2016 Concession Specific Fan Survey
– Fans are looking for more variety.
– Fans are looking for speed of service.
– Fans are looking for better quality. Not as concerned with pricing.

Because like the team is dedicated to tickets and food for a family being available for under $100, there will be more family packs and combos to help achieve this goal.

→ The Beer Matrix
– Anheuser-Busch

* 2015 – 95% draft
* 2016 Sounders Matches – 89% draft

– Domestic vs. Premium in concessions
* Specialty stands will only be selling premium beer

– Local craft brand opportunities
* Georgetown Brewery (Manny’s), Alaska, Mack n Jacks, Black Raven, Ghostfish, & more
* They will also be partnering with Seattle Cider

→ Community Concessions Program

They will take a cross-section of of Seattle and bring it in to CenturyLink. They will have a range of unique items that are just at CenturyLink Field and replica items that are available. They have been out to Eastern Washington to meet with many ranchers and growers. CenturyLink is already ranked #1 in the MLS in terms of food.

– 2016 Partners:
International District: Hue Ky Mi Gia & Pho Cyclo
Pioneer Square: Rain Shadow & Kraken Congee
Pike Place Market: Beechers & Uli’s Sausage

→ Questions and comments from the Alliance Council

– Vegetarian & Vegan Options: Cameron Collins spoke on vegans options and the ways that the extenuating circumstances that made the vegan food fail at Safeco Field. He also asked that they make the ingredients of the food available at the various concessions and grab and go stands. They said that ingredients will be available, will have food maps, and will do a better job of educating employees on the various food options.

Martin Buckley spoke on the lack of quality in the vegetarian options and expressed hope that they would be improved moving forward. He also spoke on the hope that the options will be better advertised to fans. Taylor Graham said that the Sounders are dedicated to communicating those options.

– Beverage Selection: Stephanie Steiner made a request for better non-alcoholic beverage options and cited a the growing concern about the coming diabetes epidemic. Coke, as the beverage partner, could hopefully help move this forward.

– Local Alcohol Options: Alex Eagleton spoke on the hope that the Sounders could incorporate local wines in to the fold.

→ Other plans moving forward

– The chefs want to be visible during the matches. This can help them better connect with the consumers and let them receive comments and criticism directly.

– There will be some more concessions that are sold in the stands directly to the fans. For example, Papa Johns. The Sounders want to be sure this does not become so prevalent hat it gets in the way of the game, though.

– As they moved over from the previous concessionaire to creating their own, one of the keys was keeping a lot of the staff on board. They hope to continue to grow as an organization this way.

– For suites, they are streamlining the menu and making it better.

– They are investing in the back of the house and hope to continue to grow the equipment in order to increase quality.

– The food trucks will continue to be in the North Plaza during the matches

V. Constitution Articles

A) Article 6: Honorary Chairman (First Reading) – Stephanie

→ adds process, removal, and duties to 6.1 of the Honorary Chair. Makes it clear that if we don’t do this, it does not technically preclude us from doing anything listed here, but will make it easier for future councils. By adding (s) to the title, it means we can name multiple people, like the entire team. This puts it out there so future councils will know even when all of us are gone.

→ Why the executive committee should have the ability to remove the distinction, beyond the power of the council as a whole, is that it lets the EC act immediately, instead of waiting until the next meeting, when it could be necessary to act. Like they are convicted of drunk driving, commit some other egregious act.

→ “The executive shall make best efforts to survey the council for input prior to voting outside of a regular Business Meeting. ” added to 6.1.2 in case the executive committee needs to act (see above)

→  Other small tidying up done to ensure language follows rest of constitution

B) Article 8: Supporter Groups (Second Reading) – Stephanie

→ There was discussion on how the language in the article as previously amended lacks definition to make clear who an “affected” supporter group would be. In the end, however, because there is a group coming together to come to a solution for Bylaw 7, most feel it is likely irrelevant.

Vote to make amendments to Article 8 passes unanimously 11-0.

→ Language added to the Article to make clear the Front Office determines Supporter Group sections, not the Alliance Council.

Motion to amend Article 8 is seconded.

Amendments to Article 8 passes 11-0.

Vote to pass Article 8, as amended, passes 11-0.

VI. Alliance Council Initiatives for 2017
The Alliance has collected these initiatives from various sources, including email, social media, in person, and any other way fans choose to communicate with members of the Alliance Council. Undoubtedly, more initiatives will come in to existence throughout the year.

→ Memorializing “The Save” (Nick willing to take lead of Save Project, Cameron willing to hop on as backup.)

→ Hosting MLS Cup & What will happen to Season Ticket Holders (Stephanie is lead)

→ Replacement/Elimination of Bylaw 7 (Supporter Groups) (Martin is lead)

→ High-Level council recruiting (Stephanie is lead, but everyone can help)

→ Constitution (Stephanie is lead)

→ Exploring Non-Profit Status (Martin is lead)

→ Updating (Stephanie is lead)

→ Budget and Resources (Martin is Lead)

→ Rebuilding Website (Martin is Lead)

→ Visibility and Marketing (Karl is lead. Cameron is on board to help.)

→ To-Do List for the Council (Stephanie is lead)

→ Procedure for Designating Votes and concern that people will not be using the app this year (Cameron is lead)

VII. Open Discussion

→ Kristina plans to touch base with Mikaela on the Scarf Vote, how it went last year, and how it can get better. The Council hopes to streamline the process on our end so it is not as rushed.

→ Season Ticket Holder packages were pushed back because of the newly designed box for MLS Championship and will be coming soon.

VIII. Adjournment

Moved. Seconded. Council votes unanimously to adjourn.

Meeting Minutes: January 2017



January 10, 2017 – 7:00 PM –  The NINETY

Present (10 of 14): Nicholaus Biela, Martin Buckley, Cameron Collins, Michael Dollard, Darla Langdon, Jeremy Monsivais, Karl Picard, Daniel Roe, Stephanie Steiner, and Steve Wilson.

Via telephone (0): None

Absent (4): Bill Kaczaraba, Eric Flatness, Roberta King, and Kristina Vaughn. (This was a rescheduled meeting, therefore none of these absences count towards Council Member Attendance)

I. Call to order – Stephanie Steiner

II. Roll – Cameron Collins: 10 of 14 Present

III. Introductions

a. Nicholaus tells the council a little bit about himself. He hopes to work on problem solving and messaging with the council. He is interested in helping with visibility. He is also the treasury for the Seattle Chapter of the American Outlaws group. He is a community manager by profession.

b. Darla tells the council a little bit about herself. She decided to join the AC because she wanted to learn more about the club itself, and thought it was a good opportunity to learn about the business side. She is interested in the things that can be changed by using our voices on the council. Not a lot of MLS clubs give this opportunity, so she thinks it is cool that we can do this. She works in the healthcare field by profession.

IV. All Member Introductions

Members of Council who were on last year’s council introduce themselves to the new council members.

V. Elections

PRESIDENT: Karl nominates Stephanie as President. She accepts the nomination. She becomes president by declaration, as there was no challenger.

VICE PRESIDENT: Stephanie nominates Martin Buckley. He accepts the nomination. He becomes VP by declaration, as there was no challenger.

SECRETARY: Stephanie nominates Cameron Collins for secretary. He accepts the nomination. He becomes secretary by declaration, as there was no challenger.

AT LARGE POSITIONS:  There are two positions.

→ Kristina asked Martin to nominate he for at-large because she could not be present. He read a statement on her behalf.

→ Dan Roe nominated himself to be an at large statement. He gave a statement on his own behalf talking about the things he has been involved with as a member of council and what he hopes to do moving forward.

→ Karl Picard nominated himself for an at-large position. He gave a statement on his own behalf talking about what he has done on council and his goals moving forward.

In the first round of voting, Karl Picard was elected to an at-large position.
In the second round of voting, Kristina Vaughn is elected to an at-large position.

Several council members present thanked Dan for his years of service on the Executive Committee of the Council.

VI. Goals & Objectives for 2017

→ Work on the Sounders website with our content and improve our own website.

→ Finalize the Constitution by setting up an outside group with members of SGs to make the procedures. Make a few tweaks to the constitution to make it even better: honorary chairperson, etc

→ should the council move towards getting nonprofit status?

→ Restructuring our Google Group Drive so everything is named with the same format.

→ Grow the council in a smart fashion with people who will do work. Build a community.

VII. Adjournment

Moved. Seconded. Council votes unanimously to adjourn.

Meeting Minutes: November 2016



November 1, 2016 – 7:00 PM – The NINETY

Present (11 of 19): Martin Buckley, Cameron Collins, Craig Dillon, Michael Dollard, Eric Flatness, Roberta King, Karl Picard, Stephanie Steiner, Brendan Vaughn, Kristina Vaughn, and Steve Wilson.

Via telephone (0): None

Absent (8): Paul Cox, Angelica Germani, Bill Kaczaraba, Thom Kephart, Jeremy Monsivais, Jerry Neil, Jeff Randle, and Daniel Roe.



I. Call to order – Stephanie Steiner

II. Roll – Cameron Collins: 10 of 19 Present

III. Old Business

a) Honorary Chair Updated

Under the Constitution, the Alliance Council has the right to choose its own Honorary Chairperson for 2017. This decree would name it Brian Schmetzer.

Amendments → Change the section number to just a reference to the Alliance Constitution.

VOTE TO AMEND: 9 for and 0 against. Amendment passes.

Amendments → Add “Honorary” before Chairperson in the final line and specify that he becomes the chairperson “beginning in 2017.” Another councilmember joined the meeting during this discussion.

VOTE TO AMEND: 10 for and 0 against. Amendment passes.

VOTE TO PASS HONORORARY CHAIR STATEMENT, AS AMENDED: 10 for and 0 against. The statement on a new honorary chair passes.



b) Motion by Cameron Collins to have the floor

Cameron would like to recognize Eric Flatness for all his work on the Council and to thank him for it prior to him moving to Thailand later this week. Eric thanks the Council you for all we have done for him, especially Stephanie. Eric is looking forward to the Sounders hosting the Montreal Impact at home in the MLS Cup final.

c) End of the Year Business Meeting

The Council had been trying to get this conversation going for a long time. We talked to the Front Office over and over about it since March or April. They kept saying it was too early. As previously discussed, Kristina Vaughn had a meeting where the Front Office talked about our expectations. After that meeting with KV, the Front Office kept pushing back the conversation. The Front office eventually did not include the Council in the conversation and they planned the meetiing on their own without our input, despite it being our meeting. The Council is concerned that we weren’t involved in the process for our own meeting. The concern from Councilmembers is whether the Alliance Council is respected by the front office or whether Democracy in sports nothing but lip service?


IV. New Business

a) Article 8 & Bylaw 7: First Reading
It was never discussed before that removal of recognition would mean that a supporter group would no longer be recognized by MLS. This language would revert it back to the old language prior to the change. Ultimately, the question is what is the root to a successful passage of this part of the Constitution? Getting something with which all Supporter Groups are happy. Thus, we will be creating a committee with representatives from each supporter group to come up with a new system to make this a non-issue.

Bylaw 7 → Question of whether we want to discuss it as a Council or do we want to let the committee that comes together deal with it. Consensus that we let that committee come up with everything, but we will begin facilitating that conversation.


b) EOTYBM Presentation

Martin’s presentation on the alliance council year was presented to the council.


V. Adjourn

Motion to Adjourn is seconded and passes unanimously.

Meeting Minutes: October 2016



October 4, 2016 – 7:00 PM – The NINETY

Present (16 of 19): Cameron Collins, Craig Dillon, Michael Dollard, Eric Flatness, Angelica Germani, Bill Kaczaraba, Thom Kephart, Roberta King, Jeremy Monsivais, Jerry Neil, Karl Picard, Jeff Randle, Daniel Roe, Stephanie Steiner, Kristina Vaughn, and Steve Wilson.

Via telephone (1): Martin Buckley

Absent (2): Paul Cox and Brendan Vaughn.

Next meeting: Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

I. Call to order – Stephanie Steiner

II. Roll – Cameron Collins: 15 of 19 Present

III. Maya Mendoza-Exstrom, Sounders General Counsel / Executive Director of the RAVE


The Rave FoundationOne of the challenges the Club has faced has been building a standalone 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that is separate from the for-profit company that is the Sounders. This is their strategic plan moving forward:

a) Now the official charitable arm of the Sounders FC

b) Mission Driven: United in Green

c) “We are Everywhere”

d) Execution of BIG initiatives

e) Leveraged impact in Specific Communities

f) Measure service, leadership, and investment

The 10 Year Plan:

1) Build 5 community-centric small fields → They believe need to do more than just build a field, they want to provide support

2) Build 2 small fields around Seattle

3) Distribute 10,000 soccer balls

4) Support 500+ pop up, free play, small sided soccer games → They believe that soccer is vehicle to empower

FIELD 1: @ Yesler Terrace. There will be a 2 acre park there.

Historic neighborhood. All the parties involved wanted soccer to be a part of the rebuild. There are a lot of immigrants there who play soccer.

Field desert: there are small pocket parks, but there are no fields.

High need and opportunity for community leadership, stewardship, and capacity. 250 kids showed up to the announcement of the launch of the field.

FIELD 2: @ Pier 62

Iconic location

Community vision

Seattle’s front door/porch

Seattle is the soccer capitol of North America and Soccer City, USA

Improve the future of parks and park use in Seattle for all.

10,000 Soccer Balls

If you give a kid a ball, they will start playing with it. If you give them a really good ball, then it is a real asset and it is something that gets used over and over again.

A soccer ball, because of the nature of the game, invites inclusion and playing together.

With a soccer ball, a kid can become physically active, make healthy choices, and grow in creativity and confidence.

Free Play

500 pickup soccer games in Seattle. Fosters a culture of inclusive, free play, pick up, pop up, small sided soccer in communities throughout soccer.

The Club believes kids acquire skills to be creative, gain confidence, and learn from kids with other diverse backgrounds.

Be the Number 10 in the Community: Big issues of equity in our communities. How can soccer help? Catalyze partnerships with organizations who are already using soccer to address the root causes of inequity in areas: Education, Health and Fitness, Inclusion and Diversity, Nutrition, and Leadership.

2016 In Review: They launched at the end of July and since then they have given out 292 soccer balls, 83 pop up soccer games, and have run several programs including: Waterfront Park, Yesler Park, Westlake Park, Beverly Park Elementary, Occidental Park, Rainier Vista Boys and Girls, La Barra’s “La Copita”

2017 Planning:

Sounders have committed to fully fund Yesler field.

Regular programming in RAVE communities

Program distributions: Balls + Funds

Pop Up soccer activities

RAVE @ Yesler & RAVE @ Pier 62 planning

Determining where should field 3-4 be?

Learn more at:

IV. September Minutes – Approved by President Stephanie Steiner

V. Old Business

A. End of the Year Meeting: Front Office is trying to figure out the best date, and we will know as soon as they know. They are aiming for early November.

B. Scarf Vote: As of yesterday, there were over 4,000 votes that have been cast. Right now it is a tight race between two scarves.

C. Bylaw 7: We currently have powers laid out by the constitution, but there aren’t any procedures. This puts the procedures in to place so we actually have an idea of how this is done.

Amendment #1: Changes 7.3.1 so that the reviews are biennial for each supporter group, staggering them over that two year period. Changes 7.3.2 to make a causal review require a super-majority vote at a Council meeting where quorum is present.

Amendment 1 passes by a vote of 13 for, 0 against, and 2 abstentions.

Amendment #2: Change 7.3.1. so that it says “met or maintained,” instead of just met.

Amendment 2 passes by a vote of 12 for, 1 against, and 2 abstentions.

Bylaw 7, as amended, passes by a vote of 12 for, 2 against, and 1 abstention.

D. Constitution: The vote will likely be timed around the end of the year meeting, possibly being launched at the meeting.

E. Scarf Donations: Having the ability to donate the value of your scarf from your season ticket package in lieu to a charity of he Sounder’s choice, in lieu of receiving a scarf, is in the Sounders’ queue, but it is not something that can happen for next season.

VI. Open Discussion

Can the Sounders do a recognition for Dempsey, like they did for Steve Zakuani? This will be brought up with the Club.

Do they have a recognition planned for Zach Scott at the final home game? Maybe they city could declare it Zach Scott Day.

VII. Adjournment: Adjourning the meeting is proposed and seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Meeting Minutes: August 2016



August 2, 2016 – 7:00 PM – The NINETY

Present (11 of 21): Martin Buckley, Cameron Collins, Craig Dillon, Eric Flatness, Angelica Germani, Jerry Neil, Jeff Randle, Stephanie Steiner, Brendan Vaughn, Kristina Vaughn, and Steve Wilson.

Via telephone (0): None

Absent (10): Samuel Chesneau (NV), Paul Cox, Michael Dollard, Bill Kaczaraba, Thom Kephart, Roberta King, Jeremy Monsivais, Karl Picard, Brian Prouty (NV), and Daniel Roe.

Next meeting: Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.
I. Call to order – Stephanie Steiner

II. Roll – Cameron Collins: 10 of 21 Present


III. July Minutes – Approved by President Stephanie Steiner

IV. Old Business

a) Introduction of Steve Wilson → Steve Wilson is our newest Alliance Council member, attending his second meeting. Steve comes up from Olympia and works for the State. He is excited to be on the Council.

b) Constitution & Bylaws

Bylaw 4: Election rules for Council – Second reading

Cleaning up language so that the references to dates follow those that have already been made to our new Business Year. The new dates will be on our Alliance Council calendar and we hope to have the Sounders place them on their website.

Proposed Amendments: Change language that says “prior to” to “on or before” and change “years” in paragraph 4 & 5 to “Business Years.”

Vote to Amend Bylaw 4 seconded and passes unanimously 11-0. Vote to pass Bylaw 4, as amended, seconded and passes unanimously 11-0.

Bylaw 3: Introducing Topics for Voting – Second reading

Introduced a new method for bringing up topics for the Alliance Council to discuss. 3.2 and 3.3 switched places.

Proposed Amendments: Proposal to add ‘or executive committee’ after the words vote by the Council.

Vote to amend Bylaw 3 seconded and passes unanimously 11-0. Vote to pass Bylaw 4, as amended, seconded and passes unanimously 11-0.

Bylaw 8 & Article 7

New Amendment to add a line in the Article stating that Alliance Council will maintain standards and procedures for recognition.

Does this bylaw need to exist? One of the issues is that this article doesn’t have teeth. But by eliminating it, we would then give up the ability to control who becomes a supporter group to the Club, and there is no fan involvement in the process. Many feel it is good to not give up control. The reason Stephanie is against limiting supporter group participation in the AC is that when people care enough to get elected, they are more likely to be involved and work. We had previously removed the language for withdrawing recognition in the Bylaw because there was no process.

Does this language change anything? What about moving the Bylaw language to the Article? One concern about moving it to Articles is that it could blow up the entire constitution vote if people take it the wrong way.

Motion to table discussion of Bylaw 8 is seconded and passes. Motion to discuss Article 7 is seconded and passes unanimously.

Proposed Amendments to Article 7: Change the language of the 2nd sentence to: “The Alliance Council and Supporter Groups have separate and unique relationships with the Club, and each shall make a good faith effort to avoid interfering in the business of the other.” “Or withdraw” eliminated from Article 8. And add “This Recognition grants privileges as determined by the Club.” at the end.

Motion to vote on amending Article 8 is seconded. Passes with 9 in favor, 1 against, and 1 abstention. Vote to pass Article 8, as amended, is seconded and passes with 9 in favor and 2 against.

Vote proposed to continue working past 9 PM is seconded and passes unanimously.

c) Resolution to Recognize Drew Carey – Second Reading

Presented at last meeting. Motion to vote on is seconded and Resolution passes unanimously 11-0.

V. New Business

a) Update from Kit Work Group: Kit group has been discussing whether we should have something on the Neck tape or Neck hit. Alliance Council gets to choose one to design. Group favored the neck hit (back of the neck). Alliance Council also gets to place something on the jock tag.

b) Attendance Updates: Nick Gibson has already been voluntarily removed from the Alliance Council through the accumulation of absences. Sam Chesneau has gone to non-voting status due to absence accumulation. He said he was on the phone for the third meeting, but the Secretary listed him as absent, and no one was aware of his presence. He may challenge the minutes if he wishes to change that. That opportunity was explained and provided to him. Brian Prouty is also currently at non-voting status. Both Sam and Brian have 60 days from their last missed meeting to respond or they voluntarily resign from Council.

c) End of The Year Business Meeting Update: EOTY group and the front office are currently discussing dates for the event.

VI. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn is seconded, and passes unanimously.

* For purposes of this document NV shall refer to Non-Voting Status.