Meeting Minutes: June 2016



June 7, 2016 – 7:00 PM – Sounders Conference Room

Present (13 of 20): Martin Buckley, Cameron Collins, Paul Cox, Craig Dillon, Eric Flatness, Bill Kaczaraba, Roberta King, Thom Kephart, Jeremy Monsivais, Jerry Neil, Stephanie Steiner, Brendan Vaughn, and Kristina Vaughn.

Via telephone (0): None

Absent (7): Samuel Chesneau, Michael Dollard, Angelica Germani, Karl Picard, Brian Prouty, Jeff Randle, and Daniel Roe.

Next meeting: Tuesday, July 12, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.


I. Call to order – Stephanie Steiner

II. Roll – Cameron Collins: 13 of 20 Present

III. Old Business

A. Constitution & Bylaws Updates. In an effort to complete all the required changes so that the Constitution can go out for an Alliance-Wide vote at the same time as the scarf vote, the Council is tackling the remaining Article updates.

Article 3: Cleaned up the language plus updated MLS to “The League” so that the Constitution would still apply even if the MLS becomes a new league. Second reading. Passes Unanimously.


Article 7: Takes all references using language of the business world and updates to proper language for the council and correcting grammar. Second reading.

Proposed Amendments: 7.4.2 – Strike sentence referencing one year.

7.5 – New language proposed to say: “The Term for an Executive Committee Member shall be from election until a new executive committee is elected at the beginning of the next alliance council business year, unless a member dies, resigns, or is removed from office.”

The Amendments are seconded. Pass unanimously.

Article 7 passes unanimously as amended.
Article 6: Clarified language for each of the officer positions.

Discussion ensued concerning whether we should be referencing “Alliance money” or “Alliance Council money” in the provisions relating to the treasurer. To whom does the money, if it were to exist, belong?

Proposed Amendment to 6.5: Change reference to “Alliance Council” to “Alliance.” Seconded. Passes Unanimously.

Article 6 passes unanimously as amended.


Article 5: Update to language in 5.1 Council Eligibility and 5.3 Business Meetings. Aligns the Council business year to be the same as the Club’s year, with the first meeting of the year taking place in December. Second reading.

Proposed Amendment to 5.1: Add “Alliance Council” prior to the words code of conduct to make clear that this would be an internal code of conduct and was not referencing the league’s code of conduct. Seconded. Passes unanimously.

Proposed Amendment to 5.3: Change the language that reads “scheduled in December” to “held in December.” Seconded. Passes Unanimously.

Article 5 passes unanimously as amended.


Article 4 & Bylaw 11: Updates language in 4.1 Alliance Eligibility and creates a bylaw 11 so as to allow the council to amend language relating to Alliance membership.

Proposed Amendment to 4.1: update the language of “season ticket package” to “multi-match ticket package.” Seconded. Passes unanimously with one member out of the room.

Article 4 passes unanimously as amended, with one member out of the room. Bylaw 11 passes unanimously with one member out of the room.


Bylaw 8: Replaces mistake in language referencing the “Executive Council” with proper language referencing “Executive Committee.”

Proposed Amendment: Change language stating that each committee “shall present” at each Council meeting to “may present.” Seconded. Passes unanimously.

Bylaw 8 passes unanimously as amended.



Bylaw 10: New bylaw giving the Council President the ability to call special meetinfs and to cancel or reschedule meetings when necessary.

Discussion occurred on whether notice should be required for a meeting to be call. Discussion on whether we need to do this so we can reschedule the July meeting, as it falls on a match day.

Proposed Amendment: Add a 3-day notice requirement before a special meeting can be called. Amendment withdrawn.

Motion to table this discussion until the next Council meeting. Seconded. Fails by a 5-6 vote.

Council looks to the Constitutional Article relating to meetings. We currently have the ability to change meetings by a council vote.

Proposal to table this discussion until the next Council meeting. Seconded. Passes 10-1.
Bylaw 9: Eliminated words and updated language for clarity

Proposed Amendment: Strike 9.1.1 because it is repetitive and the language exists elsewhere. Seconded. Passes 8-0 with 3 abstentions.

Proposed Amendment: Proposal to change the language such that eligibility will be stated in the positive, rather than discussing the negative. New language would read, “All Council Members, except those who have missed fifty percent (50%) or more of the preceding meetings of that council year (by the Members’ fourth eligible meeting or later) or who have missed the previous three (3) meetings consecutively, are eligible to attend meetings with owners.” Seconded. Passes 10-0 with one abstention.

Proposed Amendment: Proposal to streamline the language in 9.2.3, as it is covered elsewhere, by striking “Meetings with Ownership/Senior Management &” from the title and “attend meetings with ownership and/or senior management, or” from the body of the section. Seconded. Passes 10-0 with one abstention.

Proposed Amendment: Proposal to move the language of 9.1.4 to 9.1, then removing section 9.1.4. Seconded. Passes 10-0 with one abstention.

Bylaw 9 passes unanimously as amended with one abstention.


Motion to table old business and move on to new business due to time constraints. The time was already 9pm and there was new business to discuss. Seconded. Passes 10-1.
IV. New Business

A. Supporter Liaison Officer Resolution from Paul Cox

Paul Cox put forth a resolution calling for the Sounders to hire a Supporter Liaison Officer to speak on behalf of the fans in the Front Office. Now that the club is separate from the Seahawks, there is nobody talking to the fans in advance to see what the fan response will be. The people in the Front Office are so busy. The way big clubs handle this is that they have a liaison officer for the fans. It is written in to the documents as recommended in UEFA.


How many MLS teams have this? Zero.

How many Premier League clubs have one? Almost all of them. Each club is encouraged to have one, but it is not necessarily enforced by UEFA.

What’s the difference on what we have with the Sounders currently, where multiple people are responsive, and having one person do it? In Europe, they have realized the way we are doing things in the USA currently doesn’t work. So they have moved towards this type of program.


Comments from members of the AC:

This is a cultural issue in this front office and it is up at the Bart level. Suggesting we create a separate role does not change the culture that Bart is implementing.

The club has said that the Alliance Council would have this role. If this exists, does this hurt the Council’s power? Should we be asserting this power for ourselves? If this position were to exist, could this position answer directly to the Council?

Should we call them to the carpet and use this power ourselves?
Motion to table further discussion until the next meeting. Seconded. Passes Unanimously.



B. Moving the July Council Meeting

Our July meeting falls upon the friendly date. Should we reschedule to July 12 or July 19? July 12 passes unanimously.


V. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn because we are twenty-five minutes over time proposed, is seconded, and passes.

Meeting Minutes: May 2016

May 3, 2016 – 7:00 PM – The NINETY

Present (16 of 21): Samuel Chesneau, Cameron Collins, Paul Cox, Craig Dillon, Michael Dollard, Eric Flatness, Bill Kaczaraba, Roberta King, Angelica Germani, Thom Kephart, Jeremy Monsivais, Jerry Neil, Karl Picard, Daniel Roe, Stephanie Steiner, and Kristina Vaughn.

Via telephone (2): Brian Prouty and Jeff Randle.

Absent (3): Martin Buckley, Nick Gibson, and Brendan Vaughn.

Next meeting: Tuesday, June 7, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

I. Call to order – Stephanie Steiner (Executive Committee President)

II. Roll – Cameron Collins: 16 of 21 Present

III. April Minutes – Stephanie Steiner Made official.

IV. New Business

 A. Constitution Updates

→ Gender Neutrality: Updated all his or hers in every one to “member” or “councilmember” as previously voted upon. Made Bylaw 9 change from they or themselves. Question about previous plan to ask groups what would be appropriate We found a way to structure it so that it was not necessary to refer to any specific pronoun when speaking of an individual on council, so input was not necessary.

→ Article 3: MLS to League; #7: shorten sentence. Article 3 clarifies the Aims and Objectives of the Alliance. Is the League specific enough? Council feels yes. Further edits just to clean up superfluous language.

→ Article 4: Changing the definition of who is a member of the alliance. Suggestion: from 50% to any commercial season ticket package. Further membership criteria is then established in a new bylaw.

→ Article 5: Cleaned up language to reference a bylaw and took out all the language about ownership meetings so that the Article is easier to read and understand. deleted text here. BUSINESS YEAR? Proposal to change it to starting in December instead of February. Questions on how that changes? What happens to votes? Request that this be tabled so that it can be discussed at the next meeting. Seconded and passes.

→ Article 6: Clarifying language for 6.2: President and 6.5: Treasurer Article 6 edits are to clarify the language to set the agenda. Removes dates from Business year in case changes are made. 6.5 added language about treasurer that existed with the other officers. 6.2 says end of Business Year. Make 6.3 and 6.4 and 6.5 the same. Other capitalization needed throughout.

→ Article 7: Changes to verbiage to so it says executive committee or executive committee members, rather than board and directors. Sets a new maximum number of people on the executive committee to 9. Secretary becomes automatically on the exec committee. Corporate records changed to council records. Other small changes requested to have proper grammar and language consistency throughout the document. Question about how many do we have right now? 5 currently on EC. This would allow a Treasurer to join the EC if elected. Question on term? Is it indefinite? No, the Executive Committee is a term of one year.

→ Bylaw 5: Cleaned up language so it is laid out the proper order for things to be presented on the schedule. Question on the passive language concerning president scheduling the agenda: Should it be automatically on schedule? Discussion: what if it the schedule is full? What if they keep putting agenda stuff forth to stop a GM vote? But, what if the president is trying to stop a vote on that topic? This is specifically for amending Bylaws. We would need to put it for resolutions too PROPOSAL: after for scheduling… “on the agenda within two regularly scheduled Business Meetings”

→ Bylaw 8: Replaces “council” with “committee”

→ Bylaw 9: Eliminated the example in 9.1. Capitalized member throughout. A lot of other language cleanup.

QUESTION: Why can’t people on the phone vote? You cannot under Sturgis unless it is specifically written that way in the Constitution. Roberta and Karl will discuss writing up a change on this rule for the Council to consider.

→ Bylaw 10: When we were going through the Bylaws, we realized that there was officially no way to move meetings around, (like if a meeting was on a gameday) or call a new meeting. So this was created.

B. Agenda: By rule, our agenda has to be published two weeks prior and it is in place. It cannot be changed. However, there is always space in the new business portion to bring a new topic to the meeting. No one on Council asked to add the new bag rule to the meeting. Brendan Vaughn asked that a different topic be brought to the meeting, and it was declined because we discussed it 8 months ago and we already knew the answer (club pricing going a la carte). So, he was given all that information to pass along to those Alliance Members. But, if you have something you would like to bring to the Council, anyone on Council can bring it. If we need to write the resolution or the opinion statement, an AC member can write one and then the president will figure out what the AC member needs to get the proper resources and scheduling (per the rules in the Constitution). People can bring up anything else prior to the Agenda being published or during new business.

C. Bags: Eric expressed several concerns about the new bag rule for those who need to carry laptops and are coming to matches directly after work, or taking public transportation. Others shared their experiences regarding diaper bags, etc.

QUESTION: Do we know who proposed adopting the Seahawks bag policy? Councilmembers believe Sounders don’t care about customer service and treat people poorly. One heard the comment: “The Sounders are The Comcast of the MLS.” Paul Cox speaking on all the recent uproars: Historically, we have refrained from getting too much in the Club’s face. But they aren’t listening to the fans. They need someone specifically in the office to address fan needs. 2 things against us: 1) they get butts in the seats and 2) we haven’t asserted ourselves saying that they need to listen. Each person in that office should be watching out for the fans. But the main part of every person’s job who works for the Sounders is to make more money for the Sounders. That’s how their employees are evaluated. Supporters Direct in England highly recommend clubs have a position that is Supporters Liaison Officer (SLO) to talk to ALL supporters (not just SGs). It’s time for this Council to assert itself a little more on a couple of these issues. Stephanie Steiner on the Council’s relationship with the club: Club takes resolutions they like and ignore the ones they don’t like. We also have a place on our own website that we can put pressure on them through our blog. We can do this AND do resolutions and opinion statements. This is an especially effective tool for showing differing sides to an issue: not all Council members agree, just as not all Alliance members agree on how issues should be addressed.

V. Adjourn Motion to adjourn because way over time proposed and passes.

Meeting Minutes: April 2016



April 5, 2016 – 7:00 PM – The NINETY

Present (12 of 22): Cameron Collins, Paul Cox, Craig Dillon, Eric Flatness, Bill Kaczaraba, Roberta King, Angelica Germani, Jerry Neil, Jeff Randle, Daniel Roe, Stephanie Steiner, and Kristina Vaughn

Via telephone (4): Martin Buckley, Thom Kephart, Karl Picard, and Brendan Vaughn

Absent (6): Samuel Chesneau, Michael Dollard, Nick Gibson, Jeremy Monsivais, Brian Prouty, and Hans Ulland

Next meeting: Tuesday, May 5, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.


  1. Call to order – Stephanie Steiner (Executive Committee President)
  2. Roll – Cameron Collins: 12 of 22 Present
  3. New Business – Kyle Sheldon, VP of Marketing & Al Raitt, Gameday Presentations

→ Kyle came from NASCAR, but before that, he was with DC United

→ Al came came from the LA Galaxy, has worked with the LA Kings and the Anaheim Ducks


→ Questions for Kyle and Al

How do they balance the avid fan who knows the brand intimately vs the casual fan which is where the growth will come from? This is a constant conversation that they have. 50% of new season ticket holders had a partial plan last year. 50% are just new. As a fan, youou shouldn’t be surprised by any of the traditions in the stadium. They ponder how they can communicate the experience to first time people who visit.

How do we get Sounders signage to be in the same abundance as Seahawks signage within the stadium? Kyle just did a walk-through with the Seahawks. There are inherent challenges to big signage changes because it was built for the Seahawks. How can the Sounders get it to make it feel more equitable? Make it feel like home?  Some possible changes → soccer celebration in the NW concourse. Couple places not currently used where they could get a little more branding or use the space for Sounders. It would go a long way if the Public Stadium Authority could hear requests like this from Sounders fans, and the FO will figure out how best to address such contact.

What is happening with the Seahawks Ring of Honor and Scoreboard changes? The stadium is installing LED Screens around the entire thing. New boards in the corner


People seem to enjoy the big billboards around town. What sort of marketing campaigns to the Sounders have to attract new fans? More targeted and more focus is the trend of marketing. But Kyle believes that the outdoor high impact of a billboard could have a real effect. There is no way to decide the direct impact on ticket sales, but they think it does have one. The next big push will be around the 1st of june, as the midseason campaign and the full season packages come about


Why is it so loud in the Stadium before games? The sound is the same, there just isn’t enough bodies in the stadium to dampen the sound.  Because of the speaker placement, some sections will get it louder more than others.


Is there a philosophy on replays? Why not show controversial calls? Mandated by league. There is concern on MLS and PRO to insight crowd with a replay. At Levis stadiums for 49ers games they get access in their app. MLS will not let it happen for out league. An example of what is done on a replay: Al speaking on Ty Mears tackle… He sees 8 different angles to decide whether to air it. In this instance it looked clean, so they decided to air it on the big screen once play had stopped.


How do we let the league know that we are upset about refereeing? The league monitors their social media, so something like #Geigered gets back to them. Keep telling the league. Keep telling the team. It will keep pressure on them.


What is the thought behind when the Digital media team is discussing rumors, when the club has no official opinion?  This is the type of conversation they are having internally. They aren’t set on what it should be moving forward. But, they DO want the club to be the one stop shop for all the info on the club. They don’t want to rumor monger, but they do want to be able to walk down the hall and ask Garth questions.


March Minutes – Stephanie Steiner

Made official.

Updates from Work Groups

Marketing – Stephanie Steiner

We are working on a longterm planning session for alliance goals and alliance growth. What kind of things, as an AC, would we like to see in terms of marketing? What would we like to pursue?

→ AC Signage, Flag on the field, Buttons or something like that, Booth on the concourses, Big Screen announcements, bio portions of the voting site have pictures too and can be editable, E-mails to include links to meeting recaps, Matchday email include our location if we have booths, beer of the match(?), Charitable contribution idea with Match Pass, Push notifications on our behalf, Consider printing a new banner because ours has the old logo.

→ In the app, with the twitter feed, can they pin stuff to the top? We are currently in the curated feed on the app.

→ The 90 before matches is booked all the time, but we’d love to use it for a recruiting meeting. We can use lofts in the stadium as well.

Bios – Dan Roe

Profiles are up and running. If you see any edits that need to be made, contact Mikaela directly

 Scarf Group – Kristina Vaughn

Brainstorming to see if there is anything the AC wants to change from last year’s vote

Supporter Group Bylaw Group – Kristina Vaughn

They just got the information on the latest versions of text and will start working on it.


They want more people to write. Eric said he would write. Cameron said he will write as well.

Constitution/Bylaws – Stephanie Steiner & Cameron Collins

We went through and did a lot of work on the language. We will attack the easy ones all at once, and then take the major substantive ones on a one by one basis.

Adjourn – No other business presented, Motion to adjourn ten minutes early proposed and passed

Meeting Minutes: March 1st 2016



March 1, 2016 – 7:00 PM – The NINETY

Present (15 of 23): Martin Buckley, Samuel Chesneau, Cameron Collins, Craig Dillon, Michael Dollard, Eric Flatness, Angelica Germani, Bill Kaczaraba, Thom Kephart, Roberta King, Jerry Neil, Karl Picard, Daniel Roe, Stephanie Steiner, and Kristina Vaughn

Via telephone (1): Paul Cox

Absent (7): Nick Gibson, Brian Prouty, Jeremy Monsivais, Mark Nesteroff, Jeff Randle, Brendan Vaughn, and Hans Ulland

Next meeting: Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

I. Call to order – Stephanie Steiner

II. Roll – Cameron Collins: 15 of 23 Present. 1 on Phone.

III. February Minutes – Stephanie Steiner

Made official.

IV. New Business:

A. Hot Button Issues – Taylor Graham

Mobile App Ticketing: From the club’s perspective, it seemed to work well. The results were significantly positive in the numbers of season ticket members who used the app. Went well beyond their hopes.

· People were happy as a whole. A few issues raised, the council members suggested that people contact the club directly on specific issues (like an elderly person who didn’t have a phone).

· Not being able to print tickets except within 7 days of the match is to prevent the fraudulent ticketing.

· Main problem was people who printed their tickets and then tried to use the app, but one other issue raised was about designating and then people having separate device.

·The rep didn’t appear to be around. But there were only 8, so it could have been hard to see them. These reps will see email, get calls in real time, but texting won’t work.

· People didn’t know there wasn’t a prematch deal. Also tried to get the ticket scanned at concessions for the Matchpass points that no longer exist.

· Encourage people to download their tickets before they go to the gates.

·What are the next steps with the app? More games? More data being put in. How to make it more diverse? App currently available totally in Spanish.

Dynamic Pricing: Everything that has been done over the last season in terms of ticketing is to get the tickets in the hands of fans. Recalled over 600 tickets from brokers to sell directly to fans. Season tickets are not dynamically priced. Half season tickets are not dynamically priced. What they have seen is that when the price is the same for every game, brokers buy them and sell to fans. Prices are tiered only on a single match basis so that they can be directly in the hands of fans. Increases the value of being a season ticket member. They’ve done this for 3 years. It is just more responsive or fluid now than it has ever been.

· “Get in price” What is the cheapest price to get in to the game? They will always keep it at the $30 mark. They get data of Stubhub, Ticketmaster Exchange, all those things, including average price, etc.

· Questions from AC

i. Why is an ADA seat 37% more expensive than those right in front of it or behind it? They do not sell ADA seats until a number of days before the event as required by law. If this is happening, it needs to be fixed, and the club will make sure it is fixed. The club will always move people to the ADA seats when they need them without charging any more.

ii. Is there a new policy in place for price ceiling on what a ticket could be sold for in GA? ECS asked for it. Planned on following through on it, but didn’t come about until people had renewed season tickets already, so will not happen this year, but will happen next year so that rule can exist at the point of renewal.

Women’s Jerseys: They are not even close to authentic. How do we give feedback? Taylor said we can pass it on directly to Pro Shop and those that make decisions on ordering. We will have Doug Orweiler come in to discuss with us.

Alliance Council Voting: Main account holder voting currently live. Designee voting will go live on April 1.

V. Work Groups

GM Vote & Recall: Must work on where the various pieces already agreed upon go and propose charter changes to the team. Cameron, Stephanie, Martin

Annual Meeting: Kristina, Paul, Roberta, Cameron (and Jeff Randle?)

Constitution & Bylaws: Cameron & Stephanie (and Dan, Kristina, and Martin)

Member eligibility: Will be same as C&B and GM Vote

Supporter Group Bylaw 7: Cameron, Kristina, Karl, Martin

AC Visibility: Thom, Eric, Mike, Karl

Community Outreach Group: Bill, Sam, Thom

Scarf Vote: Karl, Cameron, Kristina, Jerry, Roberta

Kit: Jerry, Dan, Eric

Seating Expectations: Roberta

Women’s Attire: Roberta, Jerry

Season Ticket Holder giveaways: Ang, Jerry

VI. Removing gender from the Constitution / Bylaws – Stephanie Steiner & Cameron Collins

Seattle is a very equality based city and the Sounders have taken a very equality based stance. The attendance bylaw is the only thing written with gender neutral language (“themselves”). “His or her” is no longer gender neutral. Question is are you in support of re-writing the entire document to be gender neutral? We want to get an okay before we even do the legwork. The AC would always be able to vote on it again. The entire Alliance would have to vote on it.

Vote taken. Unanimously passes.

VII. Council Member Profile Update – Dan Roe

All but one of the new people have turned theirs in. New extra question “Tell us about yourself” will be extended by one week. March 8th will be the last possible date for current council members to answer this. Will go up blank if not turned in.

VIII. Adjourn – Motion to adjourn passes

Meeting Minutes: February 2nd 2016



February 2, 2016 – 7:00 PM – The NINETY


Present (14 of 23): Martin Buckley, Cameron Collins, Craig Dillon, Michael Dollard, Bill Kaczaraba, Thom Kephart, Angelica Germani, Jeremy Monsivais, Jerry Neil, Mark Nesteroff, Daniel Roe, Stephanie Steiner, Hans Ulland, and Kristina Vaughn

Via telephone (4): Roberta King, Brian Prouty, Jeff Randle, Brendan Vaughn

Absent (5): Samuel Chesneau, Paul Cox, Eric Flatness, Nick Gibson, Karl Picard

Next meeting: Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

  • Introduce Taylor Graham, Megan West, and Mikaela Purvis – Stephanie Steiner
  • Roll – Angelica Germani: 14 of 23 Present
  • Call to order – Stephanie Steiner (Executive Committee President)
    • Taylor Graham – New App
    • No Matchpass or paper tickets, mobile only
    • Announcement next week, although already teased
    • Sounders building their own new app – digital content, loyalty of ticketing, seat designation, voting, real time data and communication re: date/time changes (push notifications), matchday magazine in digital format, S2 incorporated and partner offers
    • There was 100% attendance for playoffs using the Ticketmaster print option, so the club is confident that this will work.


  • Mikaela Purvis – Service Teams
    • Service teams Monday-Friday & matchdays
    • Now neighborhood model based on where you sit – share rep with seat neighbors
    • Present on matchday to help mediate issues
    • Contact rep through app
    • Block of neighborhood parties in the works


  • Megan West – Matchpass
    • Addressing feedback and issues
    • Mobile Matchpass w/ no points going forward
    • Free enter to win options
    • Buy now option; every dollar goes to charity or enter to win
    • Reciprocal arrangement w/ fan engagement
    • Charity plan: 1/3 to Rave Foundation, 1/3 to Community Partners, 1/3 to AC Community Partners. Rotate community partners per match or periodically. Will report midseason how it goes.
    • May add inventory to Matchpass as it becomes available (e.g. vacant suites). There will be a range of cost of items. The shift away from points program is something they believe other teams will do as well
  • AC will work in partnership with TG, MP, MW on AC needs. Will engage in corporate partnerships (one hour focus group? Date/time to be announced)


  • Taylor Graham – Voting
    • Designation process → cannot collect new data until app is online. AC Voting needs STH and designee info. Primary account holder and assigned designees being able to vote. Info will be uploaded in to new app.
    • Should we only allow primaries to vote at this point and not designees
    • Designees are wiped if seat location is moved or no. of seats changes
    • Must input different email access for each account to designate


  • Approval of Minutes from November Meeting – Stephanie Steiner

Approved as drafted


  • Old Business: Stephanie Steiner

Cameron and Stephanie went thru entire Constitution & Bylaws and formatted and fixed typos. Nothing substantive was changed. But, based upon the review, a lot of changes need to be made.


  • New Business: Stephanie Steiner
    • Elections
    • President – Stephanie Steiner nominated. Elected unopposed.
    • Vice-President – Kristina Vaughan nominated. Elected unopposed.
    • Secretary – Cameron Collins nominated. Elected unopposed.
    • Executive Committee – Cameron Collins, Dan Roe, Martin Buckley, Bill Kaczaraba nominated for EC. CC elected as secretary of EC. MB elected at-large. DR and BK tied for final at-large position 7 votes to 7 votes. BK withdrew and DR elected at-large to EC.


  • Work Groups: Stephanie Steiner

Two ways to create a workgroup → (I) AC can vote workgroup in to place and (ii) Executive Committee can do so (in years past, the executive committee has done it because we don’t always have quorum to do so at AC meetings)

  • Existing Work Groups
  • Council Bio
  • GM Vote
  • Member Eligibility – Do we want to charge people to join the Alliance? Purchasing Alliance Memberships? Is $125 too much or too little? What about S2 season ticket holders.
  • Supporter Group recognition
  • Alliance Council Visibility
  • Charity Partnership – MB proposes renaming the charity group to Community Outreach. Seconded and passes unanimously.
  • Scarf Vote
  • Matchpass
  • Jock tag and Necktape (we are done thru 2017, next chance to be involved is 2018) – By unanimous vote group renamed to Kit
  • Annual Meeting Questions* – does this need to be a workgroup or just take volunteers?
  • End of Year Meeting
  • Season Ticket Holder Giveaways
  • Presentations from the FO


  • Proposed Work Groups
    • Constitution & Bylaws (passes unanimously)
    • Budget (passes unanimously)
    • Sitting vs. Standing (came from end of year questions) – After discussion, this group is proposed as Seating Expectations and passes unanimously. Will discussed all issues related to seating in stadium.


  • Publishing vote results by council member: Stephanie Steiner

Some people have asked for transparency in terms of who is voting for what. They want to see how each councilmember voted (yes, no, abstain)… they also want to see more blog entries and to be heard from us giving the different sides of the issue

This is coming from STMs during the Sonar Feed interview that Stephanie did.

Discussion of pros versus cons of doing this.

  1. Con issues are privacy, harassment, that there is no why behind it as they won’t be able to hear our reasons, we are speaking as a council.
  2. Pros are transparency, the ability for people to respond to the way specific people vote,
    Some discussion on 6.2 of the Constitution where it says President can only speak on behalf of the Council and how this rule only applyies to when the President speaks as the public face of the Council.
  3. what is the value to individuals outside this organizations? Discussion on the negatives outweighing the positives since we are not a governing body. Discussion on not allowing fellow councilmembers to be bullied if votes are public.


  • Adjournment – Motion to adjourn passes

Meeting Minutes: November 3rd 2015


November 3, 2015   7:00 PM    The NINETY

Present: (14 of 32): Cameron Collins, Paul Cox, Craig Dillon, Roberta King, Jerry Neil, Karl Picard, Dan Roe, Stephanie Steiner, Kristina Vaughn, Mark Nesteroff, Mike Dollard, Lee White, Kelly Weiler, Sam Chesneau

Next meeting:  Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 7:00 PM

  • Call to order – Stephanie Steiner
  • Roll call – Kristina Vaughn – 14 of 32 members present
  • Approval of minutes – Motion to approve October minutes seconded by Craig; motion passes.


  • Jock Tag, Neck Tape Update – Likkit (via phone) & Jerry
    • SSFC are coming up with some designs
    • AC submitting some designs – Orca, Mt. Rainier
      • Due Nov 16th
    • 2016 – 1st & 3rd kits; 2017- 2nd kit
      • 2018 – one suggestion: AC 10 year anniversary


  • Bylaw Update – Cameron Collins, Paul Cox, Angelica Mendoza
    • Bylaw 1
      • voting on revision bylaw
      • Passes by unanimous vote
    • Bylaw 3
      • revision to be voted on
      • Passes by unanimous vote
    • Attendance Bylaw
      • Vote on amended bylaw: tightened up language and added “special perks” to what a member cannot receive/participate in if they don’t attend meetings– 1 yes, 11 no; bylaw stays at 3 missed meetings
      • Vote on overall amendment – 11 yes, 0 no, 1 abstain


  • Scarf Vote – Kristina Vaughn
    • Participation low this year
      • Communication lacked during the process
    • Looking into new process/format


  • Questions for Owners – Stephanie Steiner
    • Took suggestions including communication, training CenturyLink staff, match scheduling, ticket reps


  • End of Year Business – Stephanie
    • Timeline
    • Questions
  • Adjournment – Dan moves to adjourn meeting, Cameron seconds – motion passes